Smart IPTV Removed from Samsung’s store

Smart iptv removed from the samsung store

Smart IPTV removed by Samsung from stores in other countries. Here is an alternative method to install it.

Samsung removed the Smart IPTV app from the store in many countries.

This means that even if you follow the various guide online, you will not be able to find and download the app when you change countries.

The Smart IPTV company has therefore devised an official alternative method, not complicated but not the easiest, to still have Smart IPTV on their Samsung TV.


  • Pc with Internet
  • USB Pen (few MB)

How to Install Smart IPTV on SAMSUNG TV

The first thing to do is to format the memory of the USB stick. As indicated in the requirements, an old USB stick will enought, since we will use less than 2mb.

We insert it in the USB port of the PC, we go on COMPUTER, we select the Pendrive and with the right button the USB memory and we click FORMAT

In the screen that appears we set FAT32 (recommended) or NTFS. We put the check mark in Quick Format and press START.

To simplify things we can also press the Restore device defaults button so that we already have the correct settings.

At this point, we’ll have our Usb Drive ready to put in the tv and install Smart IPTV.

Samsung TVs are divided into two groups, those with Tizen operating system (newer) and those with Non-Tizen.


The Samsung Tizen TV are:

  • 2015 Serie J
  • 2016 Serie K
  • 2017 Serie M
  • 2018 Serie N
  • 2017/2018 Serie Q
  • 2018/2019 Serie R

Note for J-Series: This model tries to automatically update the app, causing it to be deleted from the USB stick. To avoid having to do the whole operation every time you open the Menu, select SmartHub and disable the automatic update of the App.

An alternative to Smart IPTV, but only for Samsung TVs with Tizen Operating System, from 2016 to today, is called Net IPTV or OTT Player.


The Samsung’s TV non-Tizen are:

  • 2012 Serie E
  • 2012 Serie ES
  • 2013 Serie F
  • 2014 Serie H
  • 2014 Serie HU
  • Serie J4
  • Serie J52

Unfortunately, this guide does not apply to Samsung D-Series and earlier TVs.