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A Guide to Live Football Streaming Services

 The past few years have seen a large number of top broadcasters enter the growing market of online soccer streaming.
Football federations and leagues are looking to earn additional revenue by giving (this is usually done through auctions) Internet and mobile broadcasting rights of popular soccer tournaments to various platforms. Rights holders, on the other hand, are looking to have stable partners like SkySports, ITV, ESPN, FOX, etc. in order to reach larger audiences and have strong brand exposure in developed regions like the UK, US, Australia, and so on.   The section below presents to you a list of online soccer broadcasters that currently hold the online broadcasting rights of specific football tournaments and matches.

Online Football Broadcasters Operating in the US

watch espn3 online ESPN3 (formerly known as ESPN360)

ESPN3 offers audiences the opportunity of watching a number of major football tournaments.
The list includes names like La Liga, International Friendlies, Serie A, Carling Cup, Eredivisie, Portuguese Super Liga, Bundesliga, etc. Subscribers of ESPN3 have also watched the 2010 Soccer World Cup live on the channel.   ESPN3 offers football streaming of the highest quality. Its intuitive and slick user interface makes football watching experience even more thrilling for the viewers. Viewers are allowed to enlarge the live football streaming by opting for full-screen mode without compromising much with picture quality. For even bigger impact you can even choose to stream the feed on flat-screen TVs.
As a subscriber of ESPN3, you will be able to enjoy watching impeccable live streaming of soccer matches uninterruptedly sitting at the favorite corner of your house. Registering to the channel would also provide you with access to the streams at remote locations. This means you will not miss any soccer match even when visiting your in-laws.
For gaining access to ESPN3, you will have to get a suitable residential Internet connection. To find your eligibility you will only need to visit the channel’s website and it will automatically detect whether you qualify or not. The moment you will pass the eligibility test you will be able to watch soccer matches live online.
What’s more, if you fail to see live streaming of a particular match, you will be able to watch it whenever you will get time. All streamed matches will be archived so that interested users can view them later.   What’s most fascinating about the soccer streaming service offered by ESPN3 is that it’s absolutely free. The primary aim of ESPN is gathering as many views as possible; they are not looking to gather dollars. By making the service free they are looking to form a bigger subscriber base; this, in turn, is offering them greater advertising potential.
The service was introduced before the 2008 edition of UEFA European Football Championship (Euro) and since then has undergone a number of upgrades. At present, it is a perfect alternative to viewing on-demand or live soccer on television.
You will be happy to learn that the channel will stream all World Cup matches live and each of them will also be archived so that you can also watch them at a later time. To have a sneak peek at the channel’s soccer schedule, visit the channel page of ESPN3 or check the website of your favorite soccer tournament.
ESPN3 can be viewed both on Windows and Mac computers. What’s even more assuring is that the channel can be accessed on the majority of the browsers used on the two platforms. Whatever might be the operating system or browser you are using you can expect to enjoy a streaming speed of around 1200Kbps.

Fox Soccer Match Pass

Fox Soccer Match Pass online brodcaster in United states of americaThis online streaming platform would require you to opt for a paid subscription for enjoying its services. The amount to be paid for soccer subscription ranges from $5 a day to $15 a month.
By subscribing to Fox Soccer Match Pass you will acquire the right of watching select football matches live and/or on-demand. The channel have been streaming matches from popular sports tournaments like FA Cup, English Premier League, Serie A, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Coca-Cola Championship, MLS, Guinness Premiership, Argentine Primera Division, Magners League, and Heineken Cup.   Recently, they have also entered a partnership with UEFA for streaming matches of Champions League. However, viewing those matches would require you to buy another package.
Subscribers will be able to watch every match of the English Premier League on demand for seven days after their initial broadcasts on Fox Soccer Channel Plus and Fox Soccer Channel. The list of archived matches on Fox Soccer Match Pass also includes matches from Champions League, World Cup qualifiers, Serie A, and so on.
At times, some matches are not available for viewing in certain localities because of blackouts. For example, subscribers didn’t get to watch any match of World Cup 2010. This happens mostly when a local broadcaster owns the right to broadcasting the same matches on television.   Fox Soccer Match Pass streams videos on RayV Player, which provides users with amazing video quality. What’s more, users also enjoy access to social media when using the video player.
Fox Soccer Match Pass can be accessed both on Windows and Mac platforms. The browsers compatible with the channel, on the other hand, include Safari, Firefox, and IE. You can expect the streaming speed to range from 500 Mbps to 1.0 Mbps when watching matches on Fox Soccer Match Pass .   The channel has faced serious issues due to excessive demand for big matches. For instance, high demand kept the site down for the entire first half during an EPL match between Liverpool and Manchester United. Again, during a knockout match between Arsenal and Barcelona, Fox Soccer Match Pass faced an outage, which kept the website down for as many as 50 minutes. Over the years, users have also submitted multiple complaints related to video buffering and video and audio syncing.

Univision Futbol

Univision online brodcaster in spanish for USAOne major breakthrough for Univision Futbol took place when it managed to acquire the Spanish broadcasting rights of FIFA World Cup 2010 in the US. The channel broadcasted each of the 64 matches of the tournament live and that too absolutely free of cost. Viewers were also provided with live commentary of the matches and real-time statistics.   The programs included special features like interviews of coaches and players and exclusive reports from various football venues of South Africa.


Online Football Broadcasters Operating in Canada

CBCSprots.ca and Radio-Canada.ca

cbs sports network is online brodcaster from Canada for live football streamingPeople in Canada got to watch the 2010 Football World CUP online both on CBCSports and Radio-Canada. Depending on their preferences, they were allowed to watch the matches on-demand and live; what’s more, the services were made available absolutely free of cost. However, access to the streaming was limited only to users with a Canadian IP.
Other broadcasting the matches, the two CBC sites also gave viewers the opportunity of watching special world cup features, daily match reports from the match venues, and video highlights.
Other than all these, viewers also enjoyed access to information on the amazing history of the tournament and player profiles. They also got to witness some of the most classic moments of the most widely broadcasted sports tournament in the world.
CBCSports have also broadcasted the Olympics and several hockey tournaments participated by Canada.


Online Football Broadcasters Operating in Australia


online live streaming brodcaster leader in australiais providing amazing sports coverage even in Australia. Users buying FOXTEL subscription can gain access to the channel absolutely free of cost. According to ESPN, this soccer streaming channel run by them is highly user-friendly and provides people with extremely satisfying sports watching experience. ESPN also claims that this channel has become the Online Home for people interested in watching sports. We have to admit that all these claims made by ESPN are absolutely true.   We are confident that after conquering the online soccer streaming market in the US, ESPN3 is all set to do the same in Australia. However, for that they would require some more broadband providers to subscribe to their service.
The Australian version of ESPN3 offers the same online services as its US version. The channel features an extremely simple user interface, which makes navigating to on-demand and live football matches an absolute cakewalk for the users. You will also find their video quality pretty impressive. You will find the experience of watching matches broadcasted by them fascinating irrespective of the face whether you are using an iPad or laptop.
ESPN3 Australia would allow you to watch Europa League, Champions League, UEFA, Serie A, La Liga, and MLS online. In addition, you will also get to watch some interesting football magazine programs and newscasts.

Fox Sports Network

fox sports network brodcaster australiaPeople in Australia can watch live streaming of football matches on Fox Sports Network. To watch delayed and live matches on this network, you will need an Australian IP. The amount to be paid for the service ranges from AUD 25 per month to AUD 125 per year. If you are skeptical, you can also test the services of the channel for 4 matches by paying a nominal charge of AUD 9.
Other than offering the above mentioned subscription services the channel also provides subscribers with on-demand services. However, the latter is meant only for residential subscribers.
Fox Sports Network is compatible both with Mac and Windows computers, but with certain limitations.


Online Football Broadcasters Operating in the United Kingdom

Sky Player

sky sport player in UK(offers Sky Sports along with a series of other Sky network programs online) would allow you to watch select Sky channels and football matches live. There’s also the option of watching those matches on demand i.e. at a preferred time of yours.
Subscribing to Sky Player would provide you with access to all Sky Sports television channels. The channel is compatible with Mac, PC, and even Xbox 360. For getting more information on this online soccer broadcaster, you can visit skysports.com.
If you are a Sky TV subscriber, you will be enjoying a discount when subscribing for Sky Player (remember you will have to continue to pay for your existing Sky TV subscription).
Sky Sports has a special live streaming service for Champions League. It covers every single match broadcasted by Sky. The service can be enjoyed only by UK residents using UK IPs. Other than that you will have to pay a subscription fee for this service.
Due to the license system implemented by the DRM or Microsoft Digital Rights Management, none of the matches of Champion League can be viewed by MAC users.


bbc is the main channel in uk and offer live streaming footballBBC and ITV got the rights of broadcasting the 2010 Football World Cup online. The service was meant just for the people in the United Kingdom. Every single match that was covered by BBC was made available online. The coverage was duly shared.
BBC signed an agreement with FIFA for broadcasting the finals absolutely free of cost, first in 2010 and then again in 2014. The agreement also provided BBC with the broadcasting rights of all matches of the two tournaments. The 2010 edition was held in South Africa, while the 2014 edition was held in Brazil; and both the tournaments had 64 matches.   By signing the deal, BBC got the right of broadcasting live matches as well as their highlights.


International Liver Soccer Providers

Betting has always enjoyed a strong relation with sports. That’s probably the reason why a large number of betting operators have started grabbing broadband rights of popular sporting tournaments. Two of the most prominent ones among them are BWIN and bet365.


live streaming from bwin websiteIf you are a registered BWIN user, you will get to watch a series of vital soccer matches live and that too absolutely free of cost. The only thing you will need to do for grabbing the opportunity is opening an account with the betting operator. You will not need to download anything for watching live streaming of football matches on BWIN. You will be able to watch the matches on your regular browser.


Bet 365

bet365 is leader for the live bettingThis betting operator is a delight for football fans. If you are a registered Bet365 user, you will be enjoying free access to live soccer streaming all through the year. For watching liver football matches on Bet365, you will need to have an account on the platform.   On Bet365, you will get to watch matches from La Liga, Mexican League, English Championship, Polish League, Russian League, MLS, J-League, Copa do Brasil, Copa Libertadores, CONCAF Champions League, Liga Sagres, La Liga, and so on.   Local gaming and betting restrictions might make this service of Bet365 unavailable in certain parts of the world, for instance, the United States.


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