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First of all retrieve your device MAC Address and connect it to your username.
Then do the following:
1-Reboot your device by powering it off and on
2-Whilte booting, once the loading image pops up, press set/setup button to load portal

3-To open up servers First of all retrieve your device MAC Address and connect it to your username in our website for activation.

4-Go to “Portal URL 1”, press the “KB” button and type the portal address https://tv.iptvsensation.org:6500/c
5-Press the “KB” button again and then choose OK to go back to the previous page
6-Now go to “Reload Portal” and then press OK, press set/setup button again


Using STB Emulator it emulates the tv interface of a mag250 box.
Pros: Allows you to connect multiple iptv servers, Video on Demand works and you’re able to view password protected channels (adult channels, If you have a paid iptv server this method might be the only method that works.

1. Download STB Emulator.

2. If you want the ability to preview the channel before making it full screen use the VLC plugin method, Even though in my experience this crashes more often. Use External Player with MX PLayer for best results
If you want to choose external player download and install MX Player
If you use VLC plugin for media playback make sure to install VLC.

3. Follow this video

4. I know in the video he said tv_ssytem_res for the resolution but choose 1280×720 so everything displays correctly on the Fire TV