I have a stable internet connection , will i have buffering/freeze ?


Doesn’t matter if you have a 50/100/200 mbps connection as that speed is internal from your ISP to your home . You do not know what the external speed is . It will also effect on your ISP connection during peak time hours ( too many users using same ISP in your neighborhood is a big problem as all will be on the same line . Before contacting us check the following :

  • If you have buffering on 1-2 channels , you may contact us so we will check
  • If its more than 2 channels , then its an internet / device problem

  • Switch off modem/router and check again

  • If your device is not a Magbox , check the link on pc using VLC with wired connection

  • If problem persist then call your ISP to do a hard modem reset

  • If you still experience problems than IPTV is not for you . IPTV does not work like Youtube/Netlfix , if connection drops 0.1% you will have buffering . It must be stable at all times .

  • If you are a new customer , try 1 month first

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