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Our pricing plans include full HD channels across 2,000+ available options of blockbuster movies and tv shows that you can’t miss out on! We also offer a full customer service support 24/7, in case one of our featured device pairings (i.e. android, roku, kodie, and enigma) don’t work out.
Here’s to your premium plans, delivered with the kind of customer service that doesn’t require you to leave your couch.

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Some of Our Channels


You can edit your list of channels with us -- whether it’s adding, subtracting or changing the length of your lists. Your Mag or Enigma box can have multiple connections instantly and you wouldn’t have to worry about how to connect them (especially if you’re not a tech-whiz!). No other tv service can provide a better hands-on experience straight from the power of your smartphone. Or as we like to call it, remote control.

High Quality

Forget about missing the latest basketball game. Our high definition sensors from IPTV can make you feel like you’re watching as a bystander live.
Except, you’re lying comfortably on your couch with fries and beer in hand.
But if you’re in work or school after half time, you can leave your screen to record the rest of the match for you alongside your other favourite shows.
All at once. That’s right.
You don’t need to worry about missing anything out. And you get it all in HD.


We like to keep your options open. We have apps available for your Android device, iOS, Kodi Addon and the Enigma 2 plug-in, where you wouldn’t have to multi-task with so many remote controls or programs that don’t make sense.
Instead, you will have it all in one place, one go, and it’s as easy as clicking a button.


We like to think big here at IPTV sensation.
Our complete list of channels include 2000+ programs which are screened from different countries all over the world, especially in Europe and North America. Other programs don’t take you around the telenovelas of Spain, wine tasting classes in France, casino programs in China, and blockbuster hits from the USA.
The best part? Programs that are playing at the same time automatically get recorded for you to watch later on (or this very second).
You wouldn’t need to miss a thing.

The Best Premium IPTV Service

We have 500, 000 people join our community since IPTV sensation’s launch last year. There’s been an uphill battle between our prices, number of channels we can provide, and the quality of service we want to provide you.
But finally, finally, we’ve gotten rid of these problems.
Now, we know we can offer you a premium monthly package who want the best of the best. We’re planning to add on this list moving forward and we’re so excited to share this journey with you.
Join us and see what you’ll be getting in return:

  • +2000 International Channels
  • +5000 Multilanguage VOD (EN,IT,SP)
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Immediate Delivery
  • 24/7 Support
  • Android APK, iOS, Kodi Plugin and Enigma2 Plugin
  • EPG

Full Setup

Our IPTV works and installed on any Device you Own

Get access to exclusive HD channels for your favorite TV Shows, Movie & Sports